Panerai Luminor PAM 590 – the loved chronograph from USA. The watch dial design of the PAM590 is inspired from it and presents the unique style and color, which is one of the reasons that so many people falling loved with it. In summary, Luminor PAM 590 watch has the Bettarini watch case, “non-matching” watch dial and the “8 Giorni” inscriptions engraved on the watch dial.

However, some people fight against it.
Panerai identity is bright, and easy to identify, it is both an advantage and defect. Even a layman can quickly identify that “OK, this is a Panerai watch” only by a glimpse; But the strengths and advantages of the Panerai brand is the tiny change having on its chronographs every year, this kind of change sometimes have to say… Really too delicate! And you need to carefully appreciate it in order to identify the difference of the scale color (some are orange, some are sand-yellow), or the modeling of pointers(a pointer imitating the one of the 1942, the other is imitating of 1943), there are many, many such kind of examples.

Therefore, Panerai is not only a watch, it is like a lover, which you need to take the time to get to know about. This process will help you to understand why, “they are all the same!” (they are exactly the same, without difference!) This sentence could anger even the most liberal Panerai fans.

Panerai can be referred to as “tool watch”, for a particular purpose invention work equipment, which is efficient and practical, and is not designed to please whatever, but this is precisely what she also likable. If a PAM 590 wearer can clearly point out the obvious difference with the other Luminor watch, believe me, his love of Panerai watch must have come a long way. Such people can be called true lovers or expert, unlike some people’s passion for Panerai that is short of copycat herd behavior.

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