INGENIEUR AUTOMATIC CARBON PERFORMANCE CERAMIC is master piece in the world. It has carbon fiber case and high-polishing ceramic bezel. In addition, IWC 80110 home-made movement can absorb shock to reduce or eliminate influences by the sudden acceleration or sudden brake. The only situation in that case is the race field.

High-end carbon fiber case
In order to celebrate the cooperation with Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One Team, IWC rolled out a carbon fiber case and ceramic bezel watch: INGENIEUR AUTOMATIC CARBON PERFORMANCE CERAMIC. It has 5 screws fixing the case, and producing process is same to the body of the car: they first modelling the fiber plate which is soaked in the epoxy resin and then bake in a high temperature and the harden it. Besides, the dial is also made of carbon fiber, to display every bit of F1 characters and makes it look more dimensional. Although the shock resistance and anti-scratching performance is not as good as steel, it is 5 times lighter than the latter one. Engineers from IWC also got inspiration from F1 cars, and the realized them in the watch. The ceramic bezel, screws, crown, crown protection, titanium crews rubber-skirt alligator belt are the result this inspiration. Nylon strings are sew in the belt, which reminds of the rain tyres on the car. Integrated shock-absorption system is placed in the IWC home-made 80110 movement and it can resist any vibrant shock from sudden acceleration or brakes that happens in the race. By the way, the shape of rotor is pretty much like the plunger on engine.

80000 Series Movement of the IWC watch
Not only 50000 movement, but also 80000 also adopts Pellaton automatic winding. It marks the new era of watch technology. Improvement on movement or material could improve the duration of the movement for the IWC watches to offer relatively longer power reserve.

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